Mindset Memory Centre’s mission is to change attitudes about dementia that prevent people with dementia from living a quality life, accessing services and support, and keeps them in isolation. We aim to do this through education and breaking stereotypes.

Until there is a cure for Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of nontreatable dementia, we believe in helping the people who have the disease NOW to live their best lives possible, even in the face of the disease.

Living a “best life” means living a life with purpose, with meaningful engagement, socialization, and healthy living. To live this life means that people who support those with dementia must learn to be “enablers” rather than “disablers.” Such a shift means a shift in our beliefs about dementia and what is possible for those living with the disease.

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Partner with Us

Mindset Memory Centre creates its own projects and also partners with other like-minded people and organizations on their innovative projects. We welcome your project ideas and partnership proposals! Please use the contact form to drop us an e-mail.

People with Dementia

There is no point planning and implementing projects for people with dementia without the input of the people impacted. If you are living with the symptoms of dementia, we welcome your ideas, input and involvement. Click here to use the contact form to e-mail us — let’s work together!

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Projects Homepage Tab

We are currently involved in the following projects:

  • A Meeting of the Minds webinars for people with dementia and others meeting the challenges of dementia.
  • Exploring Real Time Communications (RTC) via the Internet for people with dementia.
  • To Whom I May Concern Online interactive theatre project for people with dementia.
  • I CAN! I WILL! best practices “idea” library website.
  • We Can! We Will! documentary film project.
  • Life Scenes books for people in later stages of dementia.
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Life Scenes Books Service Tab

Dementia doesn’t have to mean the end of reading! Life Scenes is a wonderful reading activity for people with moderate to advanced Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia.

Laura, the staff LOVE your books! We ALL need to work together to change the way our seniors with dementia are currently being treated. Congratulations on all YOU do!

– Judy Berry, Owner, Lakeview Ranch Inc., Specialized Dementia Care

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