Dementia. Change the story.

Here’s the story of dementia:

“The long goodbye. Gone. Shadows of their former selves. Victims. Not there.”

The tale of dementia is so pervasive and disabling that even those people who are just diagnosed with dementia become characters in this story as well. People around them start to say “goodbye.” Most people with dementia say “goodbye” to their lives and prepare for the worst.

The end of this story? Loss of purpose in living, loss of self-confidence, increasing withdrawal and isolation, and ultimately, to untimely dependency on those around them. Caregivers become stressed out, angry, guilty and isolated. Saying “goodbye” too soon costs lives and money.

But if we write a new story of dementia, we can write a new ending as well.

By listening to the lived experiences of dementia, Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia is contributing to a new story of dementia, one where instead of “goodbye,” we say “hello,” and where people with dementia are authors in their own stories.

We are doing this by:

Connecting with and promoting community programs that create a space for people with dementia and their care partners to experience empowerment, purpose, acceptance, being in control, and having an impact.

Partnering with organizations such as To Whom I May Concern® to uncover and promote the stories of the lived experience of dementia through readers theatre projects and videos.

Organizing webinars, online workshops, and an online conference promoting people with dementia and others who are changing the story of dementia today.