How We’re Changing the Story of Dementia

Changing the story means listening to people affected by dementia tell their stories: people with dementia, care partners, families, medical professionals, volunteers, professionals in long term care, and more. It also means promoting the actions already being taken by people around the world to change the story of dementia.

Mindset Centre is changing the story of dementia by:

  • Sharing the stories of people with dementia through the MY DEMENTIA STORY project.
  • Partnering with organizations such as To Whom I May Concern® to uncover the stories of the lived experience of dementia through readers’ theatre projects and videos.
  • Organizing online educational opportunities with people with dementia and others who are changing the story of dementia today.
  • Partnering with advocates with dementia to create societal change.
  • Connecting with and promoting community programs that create a space for people with dementia and their care partners to experience empowerment, purpose, acceptance, being in control, and having an impact.



A Message from the Director of Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia

In My World

In My WorldIn My World: Short Stories About Familiar People and Places is an activity for a person in the middle-to-late stages of dementia to enjoy with a reading partner or on their own.
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