Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia is headed up by Laura Bowley.

Laura Bowley is a communicator, and brings 30 years of experience as a writer, management consultant and graphic designer, along with a background in technology, to changing the story of dementia.

Changing the story means listening to the voices of people with dementia and starting a new conversation. To that end, Laura partnered with the interactive theatre project To Whom I May Concern® and launched the My Dementia Story project for people with dementia to share their stories.

Motivated by her mother’s experience with vascular dementia, Laura started Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia, working with people with dementia to change the story of dementia through advocacy, education, and peer support.


Partner Organizations

To bring in additional knowledge and skill sets, we regularly partner with people with dementia and organizations that serve people living with dementia. Together with our partners, we are actively engaged in changing the story of dementia. How about you? Contact Laura Bowley at Mindset Centre for Living with Dementia if you have ideas on how to change the story.


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In My World

In My WorldIn My World: Short Stories About Familiar People and Places is an activity for a person in the middle-to-late stages of dementia to enjoy with a reading partner or on their own.
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