In My World: Short Stories About Familiar People and Places

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Dear Care Partner:

Years of talking and working with people with dementia, including my own mother, have taught me that even those in the later stages can and want to be engaged in meaningful activities that stimulate learning and thinking, and enjoy the benefits of interacting with a reading partner.

In My World: Short Stories About Familiar People and Places contains 12 one-page stories that get readers thinking about their communities and reminiscing about people, places and activities in their lives. Each story is printed in a large reader-friendly font and is accompanied by a colourful photo.

I invite you to share this stimulating and engaging reading activity with someone you love.

Best wishes,



Note: People in the early to moderate stages of dementia may find this book too simple. There are books available for readers who desire a different level of challenge in the form of short novels, and I’m happy to tell you about some.



Contact Laura to get a FREE copy of the reading guide, which contains hints and tips to get the most out of this shared reading activity, and Trigger Questions to start discussions.