The Mindset bookstore includes books that I’ve read, books that represent some innovative or “out-of-the” box thinking, along with some oldies but goodies.

This bookstore uses the new platform, an alternative to with similar pricing. It allows me to curate a selection of books on dementia, without you needing to search for these books on Amazon! Click on the book image for more information about the book, or on the book price to add it to your shopping cart.

I have not read all the books listed here, nor does this bookstore provide an exhaustive inventory of the best books out there on dementia. Note that some books that I would like to add are not yet available on this platform, but I will keep checking.

“A Mindset Recommended Book!” means that I have read the book and highly recommend it.

I also welcome recommendations! Please send me a message through the Contact Form with your recommendations!